The "Cura Italia" Decree and concessions for shops and commercial activities

On March 16th, 2020, Premier Conte announced the "Cura Italia" decree, which introduced new extraordinary measures to support families and businesses to cope with the economic emergency from Covid 19.

The intent is to distribute resources fairly between the categories of individuals and commercial operators. Focusing on the activities, many of these have particularly suffered from the rigidity of the ministerial provisions for the containment of the Corona Virus infection, having to suspend their operations.

One of the critical issues of the moment, together with the missed collections, are the fixed costs related to the activity, one of which is the rent of the premises used for commercial purposes. Just to support the commercial categories during the hard days of March, the Decree introduced a tax credit for the merchants.

More precisely, pursuant to art. 62 of the Decree entitled "Tax credit for shops and shops", a credit was established for the month of March to be used exclusively in compensation and using the F24 form, equal to 60% of the amount of the rent, provided it relates to properties falling within category C1.

To be precise, these are those premises for which the commercial destination is recognized: shops and shops used for direct trade, to conduct business and to carry out sales to the public.

The Decree also speaks of suspension of the terms of compliance and of tax and social security payments for taxpayers with a turnover of up to 2 million euros, such as VAT payments, withholdings and contributions in March. With these measures and facilitations, the Government is looking for a way to help small entrepreneurs and commercial activities to face a hard period that will inevitably mark the history of our beautiful country.