The future of roadman's houses is aimed at accommodation and the development of the territory

The FS Italiane Anas group has published in the Official Gazette a call for tenders for the assignment of 100 roadside houses located throughout the country in order to promote the enhancement and reuse of its real estate assets.

The goal of the recovery of these buildings with an important iconic value is to promote a development model that invigorates the local economy, encouraging tourism and restoring a new dimension to an architectural heritage that has witnessed the history of the country for over a century.


The roadside houses, in fact, are distributed on the main roads of the boot and those affected by the announcement are mainly found in Sardinia (30), Lombardy (12), Abruzzo (10), Tuscany (7) and Lazio (7).

In our territory, Emilia Romagna, there are 5 houses included in this project and 3 in the province of Parma, along the SS62 della Cisa.

The historic roadside houses will be subject to a special redevelopment process: on the basis of business proposals and depending on the location, quality accommodation activities will be inaugurated such as restaurants, bars or refreshment points, information and educational centers, and stations for recharging the electric vehicles.

This process involves, in addition to the conservation of the original artifacts, also the use of materials compatible with the environment and with the historical architecture, maintaining the characteristic Pompeian red color, the plate with the indication of the State Road, the kilometric and the Anas identification coat of arms.

This initiative represents an interesting business opportunity and the revaluation of territorial assets that are part of a national identity that should not only be preserved, but in this way, it would be re-evaluated and addressed to new opportunities.