The evolution of executive spaces, declined in the era of a pandemic

The evolution of executive spaces, declined in the era of a pandemic.

The results of a World Capital survey.

With the advent of Covid, we have adapted our home spaces but also the work environments.
In many cases, smart working has made it possible to continue working from home, but the offices have also been adapted to meet the new organizational and health needs.

The World Capital company carried out a survey dedicated to changes in the instrumental properties.

The main results are as follows:

  • 23% of the interviewees preferred larger spaces to ensure minimum safety distances and anti-contagion regulations.
  • 14.9% focused on shared spaces, similar to co-working realities.
  • 6.8% preferred single offices to open space.
  • 4.1% chose smaller sizes, as more and more workers work from home.

Regarding security measures:

  • About 8% of the sample introduced advanced air treatment systems.
  • 4.1% reduced space as more and more workers work from home.
  • As many as 43.2% did not declare their intention to make aesthetic or functional changes to the work spaces.

"Although many companies have changed the layout of the offices, the offices still remain fundamental for cities, as well as very attractive assets for real estate investments" declared Andrea Faini, CEO of World Capital, on the occasion of the presentation of the survey. "Covid has not only shaped new models of spaces, but has also accelerated the component linked to sustainability. Both the investor and the user today turn to quality offices, equipped with air recirculation and purification systems, located in locations surrounded by green spaces and connected by public transport ".

In conclusion, needs have undoubtedly changed in the last 12 months, but fortunately the economy has not stopped and requests for offices continue, albeit with reduced volumes.

Our offer of offices can respond to various needs; we are always available for advice and to identify the best answers to the needs of companies.