Parma Shed - rent-sale

Industrial plant of about 1,800 square meters as follows: 1) Production and packaging area of about 600 square meters, with characteristics suitable for the processing of products in the food sector; 2) Area
shipments of about 400 square meters, including 4 food cells of about 50 square meters each; 3) Office area of about 150 square meters; 4) Warehouse area of about 650 square meters with a height of 7.20 meters under the beam.

The urban destination of most of the area is commercial; the lot is about 4,500 square meters with a building residue of 400 square meters.

The plant is located within the ring road in the west area, easily reachable from the motorway exits.

Reference: 3726

square meters: 1800
price: 2 000 000,00 €
renting price: 10 000,00 €
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