Parma Land - on sale

For sale building area of a total of 2,900 square meters of ULS with directional, hospitality, commercial destination.
Lots can be proposed as follows:
- a 900 sq m lot;
- two lots of 1,000 square meters each, possibly merging.

The land is located in via Spezia Cavagnari area, an area served by supermarkets, businesses, means of transport and highly qualified at a residential level thanks to the Parma Mia district.

Reference: 1869

For information: Immobiliare d'Impresa Srl
Via Emilia Est, 123/1 - 43123 Parma
tel: 0521.245256 fax: 0521.975027

code: 1869
square meters: 2900
price: confidential negotiation
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